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Current Build: Stealth Install, 1989 F-150 Lariat

4th Order Bandpass Build for Colby P. from New Mexico

For this build, we chose 13-ply 3/4" Baltic Birch instead of MDF.  This added significant strength for only a minimal weight penalty.

Here is one method used for accurate cross-cuts.

Building the outside walls of the sealed chamber.

13 plies, count them.

Laying out the baffle position.

Test fitting the baffles.

Recessed subwoofer mounting holes.  This allows approximately 1-1/8" of baffle, or about 15 plies.

This partition was installed to fine-tune the volume of the vented chamber.

Installing the port sides.

First top-plate installed, with access panel hole.  Note the roundover on the vent to help create a flared opening.

Close-up of seams, and recessed subwoofer holes.

Aluminum tape applied to the second top-plate to help seal the opening.

Closed-cell foam applied as a gasket.

More aluminum tape and CCF on the inner top-plate.

Subwoofer enclosure with removable top in place.

Final delivery: roundover applied to corners, box shipped ready for sanding and paint.

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