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I have had several inquiries about my design pricing lately, so I decided to post this as a reference.  These prices are for design only and are subject to change.  I design and build high-grade subwoofer enclosures and speaker cabinets, suitable for even the most discerning listeners.  My designs can be used in show cars, SQ and SPL competitions, home theaters, PA systems, and more.  Just remember, your enclosure is every bit as important a component as the speaker it houses.

  Entry Level: any design that I have already completed, not custom,               $35
        (add a cut schedule for $25)
  Basic Level: sealed, ported, or similar enclosure designs,                               $65
        (add a cut schedule for $35)
  Custom Level: fully custom sealed, ported, or other enclosure designs,        $95
        (add a cut schedule for $45)
  Complex Level: labor intensive designs, including show cars,                        $65 minimum plus $20/hour after three hours
        (ask for a specific price quote)

All designs include as many perspective views as required, as many close-up details and written instructions as required, explanation of build techniques and methodology, and recommendations for finish and installation.  I can also provide the original Sketchup file for $15, then you can download Google Sketchup for free and take as many dimensions as you need.

Concerning intellectual property, all designs remain my property unless otherwise stated in writing.  You may build the same enclosure as many times as you'd like, but you may not re-sell the design, you also may not use the design commercially.  If you would like these rights, I can transfer them to you, but the price will be double the total from the above prices.  Most of my customers find no reason to acquire IP rights, I only offer this as an option.  Show cars are required to either purchase IP rights or prominently display "" in lettering at least 2" high and clearly legible on the body or glass of the vehicle.

Typical turn-around time for a new set of plans is 1 to 2 weeks, but expedited electronic delivery can typically be provided within 48 hours for an extra 50% charge. Depending on my personal schedule, I can occasionally offer rush delivery, within 24 hours of payment, for my standard price plus 100%.

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